14 things I will remember about 2016

The year seems to have passed in no time, and when I look back, I know that I have become an ‘older, wiser, better person’. Like every year, 2016 had its ups and downs. Definitely not my favorite year, but I do have some memories and lessons that I’d like to carry forward into 2017.

In no specific order of priority or preference, here are the ones I could recall-

  1. Visited the cat cafe in Mumbai; developed a love for cats immediately. (Still a dog-person, though).
  2. Got inspired by someone to become a kinder person-turns out it is very beneficial-one even wins arguments more often! Conclusion:I am-(sadly)-a kinder person.
  3. Fell in love with Zayn-truly, madly and deeply. Also, developed a girl-crush on Gigi.
  4. Tried plenty of new desserts. Developed an obsession for churros.
  5. Celebrated Diwali at home after 10 years, only to realize I do not look forward to the festival anymore. Also, crackers really do scare animals. HAVE SOME HUMANITY PEOPLE!
  6. (This hasn’t exactly happened yet-but will be seeing penguins sometime in the next few days).
  7. People started calling me by my name. It was excruciatingly weird.
  8. Faced two of the biggest failures of my life, lost hope-even though my parents didn’t. Learned to never ever lose hope, no matter what.
  9. Turned 18-LEGAL.
  10. Didn’t come back home for the entire night.
  11. Bought my first dreamcatcher-yes, its is significant.
  12. Got my phone thrown put of a moving auto. (A very interesting story).
  13. Made some amazing new friends. They say I’ve got a ‘girly’ choice. Lies.
  14. Realized that some friends (my squad!) are there to stay.